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Finally, here is the message I sent to WLA just now, copied here FYI.


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Subject: WLA and IAWL
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Dear Wine Librarians Association:

As you may recall, I conducted a survey a few years ago of former Wine
Librarians Association members, readers of this listserv, and some others
in the field about the interest in getting a group going again. The
response to the survey was positive and seemed to center around library
services and collections, best practices, information sharing and the
potential for collaborative projects.

Axel Borg from UC Davis, Britt Foster from CSU Fresno and I have met on a
few occasions now and discussed the results of the survey and how to move
forward. Given the proposed aims of a restarted group and the original aims
of the Wine Librarians Association, we agreed that perhaps for now, the
best plan would be to form a completely new, informal organization with the
focus clearly as stated above.

At the same time as we've been having these discussions, some of the
original founders of WLA and its current leadership--Bo Simons, Gail
Unzelman, and Callie Konno--have been talking about the future of the Wine
Librarians Association as a nonprofit entity.

The plan at this point is to dissolve the Wine Librarians Association as an
entity; the Board voted to offer the remainder of its funds to Tom Pinney
of Pomona College as an assistance to his efforts to publish his new
history of wine in the Los Angeles area. Efforts are underway to find a

In the meantime, a few of us have established a new organization called
International Association of Wine Libraries (IAWL). This organization is,
for now, extremely informal. We have a simple web site: http://iawl.org and
a new listserv, as you will find at the site.

Britt, Axel and I would like to invite anyone interested in the new
organization to join our new listserv, IAWL-L, and introduce yourself. It
is intentionally as open as possible in order to encourage more
communication. We are hoping to plan a meeting, possibly in June of this
year, as the first official meeting of the group, at which we will discuss
collection development goals across institutions, potential collaborative
projects, and more. Also, please invite anyone else you think might be
interested to the group. Given the broader name of the organization, we are
intending that it include not only librarians, but also para-professional
library staff, students, collectors, historians, library vendors and others
who may contribute to the discussions.

Please let me know if you have any questions! Here is the URL again:


All best,

Jon Haupt
Wine Librarian
Sonoma County Wine Library


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